i'm not a learner i was just asking are there any special circumstances you need before you start playing,like do you always drink coffe to wake you up if you play in the morning.

me i don't normally need that stuff all i really need is for my hands to be aleast a little warm so my fingers can most better.
all i do is a quick routine that goes from quick licks to slower solos to faster and faster solos then when i reach around bohemian rhapsody solo then ill just play around. always putting speed in between the strumming songs
Wash your hands so you don't leave gunk all over your strings, I prefer doing it with hot water because, like you said, I want my hands warmed up.
i just do a few scales and riffs for a warmup.... oh, and i tune my guitar, tuned guitars usually sound better
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I usually have a couple of pints, grease myself up with duck fat, practice my limbo technique and then play a few things I am comfortable with to warm up...
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I have to have coffee, and of course the washing of hands... For some reason I love playing Aerosmith's "Livin on the edge" just to make sure the fingers wanna move right
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Wow, i must sound like a freak, i usually rub plain crisps on my hands so to lubricate them.. then i go thru the blues scales and start playing whatever i feel like
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I usually massage my palms and shoulders, and then stretch my arms and wrists. This prevents any injury later on and amakes your hands more supple.

I think that's the most important pre-warmup out there.
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