I've been playing guitar for roughly six months, and so far have mainly been using mainly an acoustic (washburn D32SCE). I have been self taught so far, and I just thought id like to see how i am progressing in the eyes of others. So far i can proficiently play:
- open chords (minor,maj,min7th &, maj7th)
- 5 and 6 string barre chords (minor, majo, min7th, maj7th)
- power chords
- minor penatonic shape 1
- C major scale in 1st position (have not yet delved into the major scale much)
- First 30 pages of the book Berklee: modern method for guitar volume 1 (slowly working my way through this one)

Ive learnt several songs, most of them all the way through. A snapshot of these would include:
led zep - stairway
- over the hills & far away

pink floyd - wish you were here
- comfortably numb
- brain damage

plus various tunes by radiohead, coldplay, jack johnson etc

Anyhow, just wondering whether my progress is ok for 6 months?, or should i be practising more (i play 1-2 hours a day).
Also, any advice on what direction to take now would be great. Since picking up the guitar 6 months ago its been the highlight of my day; i am very eager to learn all there is to know about the instrument and maybe, in 10 years, be able to master it like others have....jimmy page, what a madman.
any feedback would be great guys/girls,
We would have to hear you play for a truthful answer.
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You are doing great m8!!! Hone up your skills (be patient,work slowly and methodicly and try to eliminate every mistake you can see),try to master the songs and make them sound as close to the originals as you can (really good choices btw!!) so that you can track your mistakes...Then try to focus on theory and MOST OF ALL know the fretboard,so you really know what you are playing...Its the ultimate weapon I think (havent done that yet myself )...Keep it up man!!!

EDIT:Sight reading is great to learn..Because you are starting now,you can do things properly,so try to make the best out of it..!
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You know im usually an asshole about the people who make threads saying " HOW GOOD AM i I CAN PLAY MASTER OF PUPPETS"...etc but your actully earnest and articulate about how you phrase the question and are splitting up your theory and songs well . For six monthes I honestly think your doing great.
Wow, thats really impressive; seriously. ^i agree with LiberatorSnake though, it would be more true if we could hear/see you. But from the sound of things your doing quite good. Most players when they first start are dumb as mud to all things music/guitar. I see you know what your talking about. To learn any song all the way through at 6 months is great, most would give up or get bored. 1-2 hours is stinkin awesome, especially in the begining definetly keep that up. Keep doing whatever you're doing and you'll be great in no time. My best advice: Continue to learn anything that has anything to do with music theory. Can't stress that enough. You know those ignorant block headed guitar "players" who only know other peoples songs and when you ask them what a note is, they respond with a tab number, DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM! Learn some music theory here on UG and you'll be able to improvise and write your own stuff easily. The best music theory thing to learn is scales and note/interval names, as well as keys (like the key of D) and how to use any barre chord. Practice scales constantly learn many until your fingers "know" the fretboard. Soloing advice: again practice scales, but improvise on them, use bends and pinch harmonics lots and pracrice fast simple patterns till their second nature. A couple other things: Don't take those guitar lesson books too seriously they're great but not written in stone. Listen/watch great players like Satriani or Vai (no joke I got better instantly after watching some Satrani videos on youtube.). And try writing some of your own stuff.

You are doing great so far way better than I was at six months, wasn't dedicated back then though but whatever. Good luck and make your neighbours deaf.
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Sounds great to me. I'm curious to know what other songs you learned all the way through, as I'm in your shoes and wanting to know more songs to learn.
Quote by antareus
Sounds great to me. I'm curious to know what other songs you learned all the way through, as I'm in your shoes and wanting to know more songs to learn.

Learn songs from your favorite artists, if you like Hendrix practice Hendrix. Even if its so hard you want to quit ... keep playing till you start to get close to their sound then hone it done to perfection. Thats how you make progress in 6 months really...
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Yeah, thats what I'm attempting to do. I can play some Muse stuff alright, but the Bliss rhythm still eats me alive. Also, you end up wanting their specific tone very quickly...it gets expensive.