So I've been working on this song for quite awhile, and I finally finished it. It's a bit of a metal epic, combined with some progressive metal and some power metal. It's a tad long, about 8 and a half minutes. I've worked pretty hard on this and was hoping for any comments, suggestions, criticism, basically anything about the song.

Please take a listen and feel free to post your songs here as well, and I'll give them a listen.

Fall of Man.zip
that was quite good, i like. really picks up when it gets to section 4, and the solos.
first time round i thought some of the intros to sections could have been shorter, eg. sections 3 and 4, but it actually works quite well. kudos!

if you get a chance, i also have a proggy metally rocky thing i've been workin on, not quite finished, but up for review