Ive been playing guitar for only three months, and practice everyday. Over the past three days ive been experiencing a pain on my right shoulder. Could any1 tell if its a common injury for playing a guitar?
I think i've read about guitar injuries like that, usually due to playing in a bad/wrong position or over working it. Try different more comfortable positions to play in and take a break every now and then. Keep it up and good luck with the guitar.
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its probaly from bad posture, and playing too much in a short period of time. like what zeppelinpage4 said, take a break and work on differnt ways to play guitar to where you feel comfortable.
thanks for the advice. ill try playing differently because it was pretty bad today.
If its sitting down then you might have a serious problem. I unfortunetly hurt both of my shoulders in my glory days when I used to bench around 300 lbs. Now I have early traces of pain in my shoulders when i play guitar standing up or if i even try to bench at all. Later in life I'll be in serious trouble though, However I've never experienced pain while siting, Maybe your anchoring wrong or something...
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