Hey whats uo guys
this is my first year in highschool, and it has made me think alot. I hardly get to see any of my friends any more, i do see some of them, and i have made some new friends since the year has started, but its just not the same. And i have realized that when i leave for college i most likely wont see any of my friends again, maybe like about 3-4 if im lucky. And after college i probaly wont see any of them again, and that frightens me. I mean, just thinking that i wont see any of them after highschool makes me think wow. I know its not going to matter, after high school (being popular and having friends) and that only your true friends you will see, but what if i dont get to see my true friends? It just that thought is shocking to me, that i will never see any of these people again one day, and it is making feel really insecure. The ones in highschool how do you guys feel about this? do you think about this any? And older Ugers did you ever feel like this? What are you thoughts on this?
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I didn't think about it... until now...

you'll get over it. If you're really good friends with someone you'll stay friends
yeah, i get that feeling a lot, sometimes you wonder where all your friends from 5 years ago have gone.

just try and make new ones, and make the most of the ones you still do have.
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It just happens at every school change. You'll lose some but you will gain more in college.

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So is life. You'll make good new friends down the road, and it's not entirely impossible that you won't see ANY of the ones you don't have now, anyways.
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I'm a Junior in Highschool and most of the friends I had in Middleschool and the beginning of Highschool have either moved to a different school or changed and made new friends. Though I still have a few old buddies it kind of scares me too because I'm not what you would call a "friendmaker". I'm trying to focus more on my studies though, rather than my social life.
definetly dude, worry about your studies, I mean, having good friends is important and all, but trust me, I completely ****ed myself over cause I spent my entire highschool life hangin with the guys and not studyin.
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Personally, I've had lots of friends come and go but I also have a good group of friends that I've known for like 10 years. Even though we go to different universities now we usually see eachother pretty often. They just came up to visit last weekend and it was just like old times.(except with more drinking and womanizing)

Bottom line, don't worry about it, because your real frinds will stick with you.
I've been independent pretty much my whole life. I don't really care much about friends at all. In fact, I pretty much get mad when I'm exposed to happy socializing.

Just try to come to terms with it, I suppose. Get everyones contact information after you graduate from high school so maybe you'll have a hope of keeping in touch. If not, then don't worry. Even if you lose your friends now you're sure to make more after high school.
the advent of modern technology allows you to: email, phone, im, etc etc.

oh, and not to mention transportation vehicles such as cars, trains, and air planes.

honestly, how did you not think of that?
Don't just sit there and lose your "true friends" then. I'm a senior and my best friends right now are people that came to my middle school in 6th grade and go to a different high school. There's no rule saying you can only be friends with people at your school.

EDIT: Dude, you're a freshman. If college isn't a pleasant thought you don't have to worry about it yet, let alone what you'll do after college. Just hang out with your real friends a lot and enjoy high school while it's here.
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I often think of that, it's extremely depressing to realize, that in three years or less you may never again see the people you are having such a blast with in highschool.

I feel ya man.
Yeah, friends will come and go. I'm only a sophomore myself, but I'd say most of the good friends i have now I met in the last 2 years. Even though alot of them go to my school, I don't really talk to my middle school and elementary school friends anymore. People just grow apart; and as you mature you find out who you really are and who your friends are.
A bunch of my friends are going to the same college as me so I'll still see a bunch of them. but...some friends I will lose.
dude, just pull a raistlin majere. He never had any real friends and look at him! oh wait... hes dead... because he was cold and had no friends...
im not in college yet, but my sister is a college senior, and she still sees all her friend... she goes to Brandeis in MA and she has friends at UNH, Notre Dame, BU, and Cornell that she sees all the time... you just gotta make it happen
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the advent of modern technology allows you to: email, phone, im, etc etc.

oh, and not to mention transportation vehicles such as cars, trains, and air planes.

honestly, how did you not think of that?

He has a point, I've been keeping touch with old friends through IM.
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I only keep in touch with 2 people from my elementary school, then we had a group of 6 that are all still really good friends from high school (which includes the 2 from elementary) and now in my 4th year of university I know I will regularly keep in touch with at least 3-4 people. The distance is definetly a problem, but with MSN you can still talk pretty much daily.

If they really are friends then you'll find a way to keep in touch. If they aren't, it really doesn't matter, and you'll probably just end up seeing them once every couple of months and have a real chill time.