Hey there,
Well, the only thing really sort of wrong is the vocals.

The vocals need a little more volume and power into them, despite this being a pretty laid back track, it just needs more power.

The rythm guitar really pulled the mood of the song together which I liked. The guitar/bard 'solo' was a pretty good break from the rest of the song so don't change that.

Overall, great job. Well arranged and played, just needs clearer vocals.

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Royce Lee
Yes, I agree with you on that. My vocals do need a lot of work. I haven't practicing like I used to. The thing is that the song was sung by a woman so when I try to sing the same pitch as her it goes out of my range. Then when I try to sing it an octave lower, it goes way below my range. Plus my mic sucks so it peaks whenever I try to sing loud.
fuk. cyndi lauper. that's really old school

sounded pretty good to me
Everybody can sing, you just have to find the right type of music and genre for you.
Too bad the genre for me is Italian and Spanish Opera