Hey guys this is something I enjoy playing....hope u enjoy it too....i play it this way acsoutic style.....I guess its my take on a classic metal song...hahaha....!!!....well hope u like it...Keep rockin....PEAC EOUT

VIDEO - Acsoustic crazt train
I like it, seeing as I'm into acoustic right now and out of electric. Sounds cool, like the singing, and tabs would be nifty.
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awesome bro, especially the intro. The singing also sounded good. I rated it 5 stars.
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You did a great job. You really made it your own song. The only flaw was you don't have the lyrics completely right. You did for the most part, but you had some of them wrong and left some out. Great job though.
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nice one. both guitar and vocals sounded pretty good
Everybody can sing, you just have to find the right type of music and genre for you.
Too bad the genre for me is Italian and Spanish Opera
Didnt really like it. One of those songs that shouldnt be acoustic.
yeah im in agreement here, hard to see a song like this played accoustic, but for whats its worth, you have great technique, and you played it well

nice voice too.
Wow, I can't get enough of your stuff lately. I never crit your work or leave comments because I never have much more to say than "that was great", but I couldn't pass this one up... Fantastic.
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I really liked it. Nice original take on the song. Very cool. What kind of acoustic is that?
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Great stuff, I remember when you did a cover like this a while go.

Good job Waz.
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I dont have a tabbing program...adn plus Im too lazy to tab the intro and the lil solo....so here is waht I have in my notepad..!!


Main/Verse RIff:
E---------7-----5-------3 -------2-------2p3----
B------8---8------7-------5 -------3----------3-
G---0---------0------0-------0 ------0----------
D----------------------------- --------------------
A----------------------------- --------------------
E----------------------------- --------------------

Em C Em C
Mentle wounds not healing driving me insane

G D Em
Im goin off teh rails on teh crazy train

///..............hope that makes sense..>!!!..........thanx for listenin and rockin........PEAC EOUT
Waz, Waz, Waz, when are you gonna get it, You're sooooooooooo Freaking good. You make me sick, nothing I've ever done can compare to that.
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dude, wow, that was incredible and "i am the highway" is also amazing. I commented it on youtube also (whitepenguin12345). great job and keep it up
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oh wow that was incredible! i loved every part of it. the vocals the guitar the solo. everything. great work dude great work!

u have any originals? love the spanish guitar in the meloncholic feel, not one i'd expect for a song like that, but that was real professional...
8/10. i like to see songs like this artfully played and sung on acoustic. good job.
Wow man! I loved it, but I really have to say that your Opeth cover was amazing.