So how many of you work with pro tools?

I just started a class where i learn how to record with pro tools and its pretty f-n sweet. At least comparing to sony acid.
nothing unless you use digidesign's peripherals

they've got a real scam going

and they make sure all the schools get their stuff so people learn to use it and end up dependant
^ yeah..... its fricking great software, its a shame that you'll have to pay around $500 to do anything.
Yeah, they really are thieves.

That said, I don't mind paying £210 for an audio interface and a program, because I'd only spend that much on the 2 separately, and I actually get a good program and interface, which are industry standard.
Ive used it for work, and it really is the standard. Its a shame you have to use digidesgins hardware as its not really much better than any ofther interfaces out there. But for quality of sound which is what matters in the end, Pro Tools is by far the best.
well I'd dispute that tbh

but it's more or less impossible to quantitatively argue this so let's say you can acheive comparable/better results with other high-end software (logic, nuendo, etc)

And it's so dependent on your skill as a mixer anyway