hey. I have an 84 usa strat with a maple neck, i love my tone, except for the thin sound i have. i was thinking about swapping on a rosewood fretboard neck or something. can you help me in this decision.
Maybe you should raise you pickups. Or get new ones. I don't know how much help a rosewood fretboard would do...

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i play blues rock like zeppelin, cream, the doors, ect... i just want a thicker sound on my strat but dont know how to get it, i got SSS pickups too thx
Cool. Good bands. I was listening to Disraeli Gears yesterday.
So you wanna keep it SSS? Some Strats have humbuckers in the bridge. That'll definitely fatten up your tone. I like the sparkle of single coils, though. That sweet top end is something that humbuckers just don't have.

Here's a good SSS combo:
Neck - Seymour Duncan SSL-2 - Flat pole pieces, this'll give that glassy, bell-like tone that single coils are known for. Perfect for blue and blues-rock.
Middle - Seymour Duncan SSL-2 - ...
Bridge - Seymour Duncan SSL-6 Custom Flat - Higher output single coil. More sustain, cuts right through the mix. Cleans up once ya roll down the volume a bit.
Check out Texas Special or Tex-Mex pups. Thicker sound than standard Strat pickups.
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