Alright, first off I should point out that my parents are both professional musicians. They do it for a living, gig in different places, etc.

It's the two of them, they do Irish music and use a pair of Guild acoustics (not at the same time, they play other stuff too obviously). As times change, though, the larger pubs are asking for slightly larger bands, so they agreed that if I learn bass well enough to gig, I can hop on board with them.

I'm a guitarist first, so I'm not unfamiliar with scales and stuff(I've taken guilty pleasure in occasionally playing base riffs on acoustics, and also practiced on a sort of junky bass). What I want is a bass that is gigworthy, but not something that is going to take me a long time to pay off or require a huge initial investment. Basically, I want to find the point of intersection where cost and quality cross.

I was looking at something like this:

Also, suggestions on amps would be greatly appreciated.
What's your price range?
I say get a Fender P-Bass, or some other well-known brand's P-Bass knock-off.

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What's your price range?
I say get a Fender P-Bass, or some other well-known brand's P-Bass knock-off.

I'd like something between $200-$400, $500 at most.

How are MiM P's?
MiM Precisions are basically what you're looking for, workhorses with Decent to Good everything. As in: quality, tone, playability, etc, everything will be inbetween crap and godlike but yeah, for you, it should be what you're lookin for. If my Currency xchange intuition is correct, thats a pretty good deal for that ebay bass u pointed out.

Be sure to put more money/time/effort into the bass AMP tho. It effects youre tone/sound etc a whole lot more, and anything with too little watts or speaker size will kill your live tone when you have to crank it (if you do, that is)