Not entirely sure about this piece.. but I kind of like it.

The Past, The Impact, The Facts, And The Ruined

There were great imaginations,
but generations had passed.
Under a bridge,
age-old graffiti lasted.
Stories were told on bare concrete.
The city remembers,
but no one else.

When the bomb was dropped,
the noise shook the earth.
Shook the earth right out from underneath itself.
Homes were reduced to the soil on which they stood,
Landmarks no longer held any meaning.
There were no more feats of architecture,
no people delivering the morning paper.

Survivors were deformed into sickly creatures.
The trees grew dark with discolored leaves.
Lakes and ponds turned stagnant with radiation.
The fate of the earth had seemingly been unveiled.

The sun shown grey all during the day.
The moon...
The moon never seemed to show its face,
as if disgraced by what it'd seen of its mother.
Or perhaps hidden behind the atmosphere's new color.

People across the planet grew ill with disease.
For most of them, hospitals knew of no treatment.
The order of world peace one country claimed to stand by
turned into the disease of an entire humanity.
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thanks, as youre really only familiar with my older writing, you might find some amusement in my more recent pieces. this is my least favorite so far of the new collection.