crit for crit!

basically It's an intro and verseX2. Still writing a good chorus. Let me know how it sounds so far.
The baritone sax is the vocals
Firstly good chord work with the synth, and the acoustic works well as well. The acoustic guitar is very good as well for the verse, although the change is a little off, maybe keep the synth in there for a bit? The verse could do with a bit of bass in it, but it would have to be a mellow line. Thus far its very good, so post again when its finished.

Can you crit mine? I'm disagree with Snipy, I like most of that. The intro is mostly excellent, but the second piano to come in needs to be turned down a bit, and the guitar solo needs working on, as does the solo from bars 18-21. The riff underneath that is really good, simple, but a great riff, but its ruined at first by a poor guitar bit over the top. But once that goes away and its just the riff its very good. The guitar bit from 38-40 works excellently, and improves that riff over it. I'd keep working at that, as the intro and main riffs are great, but it needs a structure, and to be longer.

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