Hey guys,
I was hoping I could get some feedback on my band's latest recording, 'Fade'. This is by far our best recording, as we focused carefully on the vocals, making sure our singers intonation stayed consistant throughout the song.

Recorded in my basement, no professional equiptment.

Click on 'Fade'.

Your Majesty | All Lyrics/Melody/Piano/Guitar parts written by me. Please have a listen.
The vocals for this song were really good, better than a lot of cruddy singers on this site; The guitar line is really nice and really catchy; You really show an understanding of dynamics with the differnces between the verse and the chorus, and it was all mixed really well, and like I said before the vocals are great; Nice job man/guys!


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I'll write as I listen...

Very nice mixed instrumentation. The singers voice does sound very nice and in key (good contrast with the singing/whispering parts). The drums, although could be recorded nicely, are pretty good too.

Ah, harmonies, I like those. I always love harmonies when they're nicely done, and these are very nice. Subtle and in key.

When the song starts the distorted part, I think the guitar could be louder and the drums a little bit more aggressive. I think it would just stand out a little more. However, it is pretty nice.

I like the song overall, you should try and get it played on the radio

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that was very nice. good job! different from todays music. p.ps. i like how all of your members have different influences.