Well i recently wanna pick up a new guitar. Just for shredding use....Im looking at Either OLP MM1F with floyd rose or JP OLP signature which im going to be replacing the humbuckers on either the guitar to Dimarzo Air Nortion and tone zones in the bridge.Whats the advantages of a floyd rose?
When its properly adjusted that sucker will stay in tune through a nuclear blast. No matter how much you use the whammy bar you won't have to retune it. The bad thing is you have to have it adjusted whenever you change anything, tuning, string gauge...whatever. FR's are awesome.
I'd avoid the floyd, that's a cheap guitar, and by and large cheap floyds suck.
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A Floyd Rose is a Tremelo, what you might mean is a floating tremelo.

With a Floyd Rose, you stay in tune when you dive or jerk, if you do that alot, the disadvantage is that you cant use different tunings but screw that. Why put your guitar out of tune when you can just leave it in tune.
the OLP MM1F is a awesome guitar built well and plays and sounds amazing for the $$.. i would get that guitar..

i have one and the thing is awesome..
Guitars without Floyd Roses that have Tremolo's aren't bad (Like Hardtail w/Tremolo). My Strat copy seems to stay in tune fine even with some extensive use. But the bad thing is without a FR, it could go out of tune easily if you are doing heavy dive bombs, etc, and also run the risk of snapping it. Howveer, FR are a bigger hassle, and although they can be worth it, you'd be best off without one.

You can shred without tremolo's though... Whammy pedal ;D Could do the job.