Hi i play mostly songs that a recorded with an electric guitar but i only have an acoustic guitar this makes it much hard to improve on those types of songs especialy solos and chors progressions high on the fretboard. Does anyone have any advice that will help me improve.
.....buy an electric guitar.....even if its the cheapest and crappiest one you can possibly get your hands on, im sure you can splash out on that big spend of $50. but while you only have an acoustic your playing in regards to riffs and 'solos' that use the upper frets will be limited (im assuming of course that your acoustic isnt cut away and you're not an idiot). having said that, keep your acoustic and keep practicing on it as well, acoustics are often better for getting the feel of chords i reckon.
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i agree but i live in australia and ill have to pay at least 300 to get an electric and my acoustic is cuttaway, which i should have mentioned