hey everyone ive been learning scales and all that but i cant make a solo sound right they just come out a bit bland could anyone give me some advice or say an example.
i've noticed that a lot of people tend to just go up and down the scale in order. So it's best to not do that.. also don't be afraid to play the same note a few times.

My biggest problem at first was that I was doing really simple rythms instead of making it more interesting.. plus bends and harmonics help to give it some variation
maybe learn a few licks from songs you like also. then you can incorperate it into your playing without it sounding anything like the original but impro aint gonna come to you Straight away....little bit of practising and your on a sturdy ladder then though.
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try playing the solo over one scale, but rather than playing it in one position, play it up and down the fretboard, it will make it sound much more interesting
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Some ideas: Think about melodies and themes. Use repetition. Use call and response. Try to change up the rhythms you are using.
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If you know the chords for the backing then it helps a lot. Instead of playing the same pentatonic things over and over again, use different modes for each chord. For example Lydian over maj7 chords, Mixolydian over dominant chords, Aeolian or Dorian over minor chords.

Here's a good site.


Of course, don't forget rhytmic variation, dynamics...

If you don't want to buy Scott Henderson's Melodic Phrasing, here's a bit simplified version of it. http://ultimate-guitar.com/columns/the_guide_to/phrasing_for_dummies.html
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