i wouldnt say gay, i knw some gay people hu are really cool
but panic at the disco just plain suck
Panic are fine. I appreciate them and I'm primarily a metal man. Closed minded metal fags are annoying. (Not directed at you guys, just a general statement).
Inhuman evil take down!
she says she doesnt like panic at the disco because the suck ass and are horrible to their fans and she's in a pissy mood at the moment
Anyone who says a band sucks without correcting themselves is a fool.
Just cause you don't like em doesn't mean their bad StueyAAPT or whatever you name is. By the look of it, your close minded anti-appreciation techniques have been learnt from other jerks all over the world.
GTFO my internets.

Having that out of the way, I don't particularly care one way or the other about them, but I'll comfortably listen to their music without popping a blood vessel.

EDIT: I pretty much agree with 18th angel.
i cant stand them i think there bunch of girls i think my little baby sister could kick the shit through them