This is my first post, and I'm hoping I can get some insight here.

I've had a G&L Legacy for about a year and a half now and it is no doubt a quality piece of equipment. I love the tone, action, blah, blah, blah... Recently, I'm having some real problems keeping the top (mostly the the G-string) in tune. I've tightened the keys, tried "pre-stretched" strings (against my own policy), and a few other quick fixes that have typically worked on my other guitars. All to no avail. Even the slightest bend (God knows I don't touch the tremolo), and the damn string(s) slip at least a whole step--sometimes two! These features are somewhat important for a blues guitarist like myself, but I'd like to exhaust all of my options before forking out 100 bucks for a set of locking tuners.

My questions:
1.) Has anyone tried (or know anything about) these "Locking Tuner Caps" I keep seeing on all of the online shops? Fender makes them, but there is no description or picture, and no comments on ANY of the sites I've checked out. They are only 8.99, so I am skeptical. But if they work they work.

2.) If I do break down and buy a new set of locking tuners, are there any recommendations for GOOD QUALITY but reasonably priced hardware that will fit my guitar without redrilling?

3.) Has anyone else had a problem with their G&L staying in tune? (I've heard somewhere that they are somewhat notorious for this). If so, what did you do?

Thanks for the help!
I dont know what to tell you. The ONLY thing i can think of based on what you posted would be your tuning gear. I've had problems with my G-string gear because the spacer on the knob was worn down. Sometimes if that wears out, than the knob slips when you bend. The tension on the gear from bending and vibrato pulls on the hardware and turns it and it will go out of tune. But thats the ONLY other thing I can think of. Hope this helps you.
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Did you just restring?

If the guitar wasn't doing this before, chances are it isn't the guitar. Has it just been doing this with this set of strings, or with a few sets? Have you changed string gauge?

How did you wrap the string on the tuning peg? I use 5 winds max, any more is a waste and if you put too much on it can lead to tuning problems.

Also, do you keep anything on the headstock? (rubber bands, hair ties)

BTW, G&L's (even the Legacies) rock, good choice, much better than Fender IMO.
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Well I know it's not the restringing, I've tried a million sets of strings and have been using the same brand and gauge for the past 3 or 4 years. This is the only guitar I've ever had a problem like this with. I keep the headstock free of any foreign objects, and I've got restringing down to an art. So far, it sounds identical to the worn out gear theory RokAx put out there. It's barely a year old though, so if this is the case it has to be a defect. Thanks for the help you guys, keep the ideas coming... And let me know if anyone out there has a clue about these "Locking Tuner Caps" I mentioned in my original post. If nothing else, I'm just curious about them.
have you tried lubricating the nut? I have no idea about guitar fixes, by the way, but as far as I know, the nut lubrication, and how well it's cut, is a major factor.
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