Well a lot of these topics allready exist. Most of 'em are only lists so i tried to make some screenshots while watching the "Some Kind of Monster" documentary.
The first two pages are amps that i was able to identify (besides some wierd marshalls and blurry images). The 3rd and last page are all amps i couldn't recognize.

I didn't include the obvious stuff. Mostly amps, heads and cabs that don't appear on the regular lists of metallica's gear on the web.

The last one on the last page is an acoustic 360.

EDIT: heres a pic:
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the first one, i think the "Unknown cab" is an Orange amp
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The half stack on the right in the first picture looks very much like a Bogner Uberschall.
The head under the two Randall Titans is a Diezel of some sort (looks like a Herbert).
The head on top of the 5150s is a Line 6 of some sort (can't remember the model name).
Those are the ones that I recognised straight away, not too sure about any of the ones on the last page, but one looks like an old Laney or something, it's too blurry to tell properly.
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The head under the two Randall Titans is a Diezel of some sort (looks like a Herbert).

It's a VH4. Don't know why i didn't include a better picture of it, since i have one. Seems to 've been gone awal.
Another one that for some reason didn't make it is a Fender Cyber Twin, used by James.

Anyone who has a clue on James's first amp? (first page) Apparently he still uses it.
In the docu, he turns it off after playing a riff for the St.Anger album. And as you can see in the pics it's mic'ed up.
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^On stage, yes. But for recording, theres no saying, for sure, what they use. Unless they let that information out. That goes for pretty much every band/guitarist.
These go to eleven...
Also the amp with the 1963 license plate leaned against it is a Roland JC-120 head james uses it live
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no wonder st. anger sounded like mud... they must've tracked each of those amps twice and then put them on every single track. i have no idea how these people with so many resources could make sounds so horrible.
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I think now a days Kirk Hammet and James Hetfield use the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier.


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NO your both Wrong.

Kirk USes the Dual for his dirty tones and a triaxis for his cleans

James Uses Either the Diezel VH4 or Triaxis for his dirty tones and the Roland JC120 combined with the triaxis for his cleans
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It's a Trainwreck. Sadly, it looks like the maker of these amps has recently passed away.

my dad has been interested in building a valve amp (buying it unassembled). He's found a few sites on the net that make copies of 36/18 watt marshalls and trainwrecks, which i think he is gonna build. If its decent I'll put a review up.
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Got the "A year and a half in the life of Metallica" dvd today.
I'll try and do the same thing for that one in a few days.