hi, just looking for a new amp and was just curious on ppls opinions of a few different amps. looking at a peavey bandit 112 or a roland cube 60. amp will be used for metal (lamb of god, kse unearth ect). currently have a marshall vs65 which sounds pretty crap at high volume when im jamming.
would either of the amps mentioned be an improvment on the marshall?
Are any of the cheap 2x12 combos any good? (laney crate ect)

im using an esp with emgs and metal muff pedal.

I'd go with the Cube. The amp models are pretty good sounding, and I'm sure with some tweaking you could find everything you'd ever want.

With amps, broadly speaking, you get what you pay for, so if you get a cheap 2x12, you'll probably find that the components will be worse than in a similarly priced 1x12.

Have you considered getting second-hand? You could pick up an amp that would normally be way out of your price range that way...
thanks mate. would the cube be an improvment over the marshall or just a waste of money? i would go 2nd hand but im struggling to find anything i like...