Hi guys

Been playing 10 years, sold my guitars to help fund a house (currently practice on a cheapo squire strat) now i want to buy an electric again £250 budget.

If money was no option, i would buy an Ibanez Jem or similar, i`m after the Vai/rock/lead sound. Thats just to give you an idea of what I am after playing.

It would need to have a trem system, but not necessarly floyd rose locking.
I would prefer a 2 humbucker and 1 single coil combo, or similar.
Of course, low fast action would be nice

I`ve looked at Kramer, and worried they are a little inconsistent in build plus i`m in the UK and delivery would be a big.
I like the look of Dean and Schecter, especially the shecter blackhawk but cant seem to find anything i like with a trem.

This is where you think i`m a pompus git, if i`m paying £250 i want to like the look if it and i`m sorry but yamaha pacifica just doesnt look rock enough and the RMX ? (RSX?) looks cheap. I hate the ibanez thick body sharp edge look (unless its good quality).

I`m know it seems i`m asking you to name a £1000 guitar priced at £250 but i understand, you get what your paid for. Any suggestions for more research would be great.

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Tall order....£250 would just about get you Vai's pickups in th UK! You'll definitely struggle to get something decent new, £350 is a much more realistic budget for a workable, mid-range instrument...£250 is still pretty much low-end stuff really, most of the floyd-type trems will be suspect at that price range.
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