I have a Jackson DKMGT with the floyd Rose. I got it to experiment with it since i never had one before.However, I need something to play alternate tunings. I want something different but within the same price range with a standard stoptail. I dont want to spend more than 650$. I need something versital. What are some good recommendations?
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you could maybe if your lucky get a peavey wolfgang special. theyr the ones with a stoptail, they play alternate tunings pretty well. if you go ebay probly about like $500 probly more though. theyr pretty versatile i would say. theres other stuff like schecter also within your range. those you can get brand new, i would go for the c-1plus or elite. those or the best. the classic also. it has really cool inlays. theyr great guitars except some of the ones ive played are really tight, like the strings ripped off my calices when i played em. anyway, others are good though.
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look for a used sg or les paul studio. if that fails, i would go look at ltd
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Hmm, Look at some of the new jacksons on musicianfriends.com. I say stick with Jackson because you have gotten used to the feel!
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Why dont you just buy an ibanez and maybe put some money into it.
Just go with epeiphone or gibson
For the price you're talking you could pick up a lot of different nice guitars.

Gibson Faded SG/V
Fender Std Tele/Strat
PRS SE (IMHO the best buy guitar in that price range)
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