Yeah, so I'm ordering a Laney GH50L head soon enough - we all know they're absolutely awesome heads, but I've heard some pretty bad comments about the matching cabinets.

So short and sweet, have I heard wrong? Are the matching cabs for the GH50L actually good? Or should I invest my cash in a different cab?

If yes to the latter, please do tell what you had in mind. Be sensible, I'm not going to buy a mesa cabinet for this thing - nor anything costing more than the damn head.

Used Marshall 1960A cab. 250-400 bucks depending on the deal you find.
I've got the matching cab with mine, it's not the best but it's nowhere near as bad as people make out! It's pointless getting anything more expensive unless it has better speakers in it.

Mind you, I've changed the speakers to Vintage 30s that I got for cheap from my guitar tech, and it does sound awesome now!
What size cab do you want?

Marshall 1960b
Avatar with V30 or Hellatone 60L

Carvin legacy
Genz Benz G-flex
Avatar v30 or hellatone 60L
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