I looking to buy a microcube but i've read that it tends to fart a lot cause the speaker size even at low volume (especially at Black Panel and Rectifier setting). Is just a dealable (is even a word?) issue or could be a serious problem?. Thanks.
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Any speaker will 'fart' or break up if you turn it up too much. but it shouldn't at low volumes
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ive heard the micro cube played a at low and high volume and it dosnt break up on either, well atleast the 1 i was using didnt

its a great amp, prob the best mini amp you can get

id buy one if i wanted a mini
Well, I can tell you that neither me or my friend who've oth own a microcube for about six months have experienced any "farting" from them. So I dunno how common a problem it is really, never heard of it before though.
yes it does. my brother has one of those. it's fine when you sit down with it and throw some licks around, but I would never buy one myself just because the farting would eventually drive me crazy!

on the other hand, I crank that poor amp all the time.. I'm sure it's better at lower volumes, but you can't "feel it" when playing if you play that low.