Ok I am getting board with my guitar...I know imposable right? But I play the same thing over and over again and my skills aren’t getting any better. Last night I was watching the show metalocalypse and the main characters were trying to play the blues. This guy named Mash potato something was playing some really cool riffs. So I though to myself “I want to learn the blue” But I don’t know where to begin should I go with scales or chords or just song.
Spelling aside, I would think the learning the Blues Scales would be a logical place to start.
^ agreed. or it doesn't even have to be blues if you get "board" with that too. just as long as you challenge yourself. find a song you like. but don't play something thats easy for you to play. if you find music that you can play right away- its too easy.
Guyz, i m gettin bord with my gitar, kin u mak it fun 4 me i think i need ot learn to play more awesome
When I say board I mean I’m board with the stuff I listen to. It is starting to sound all the same...Same chords...same rhythm...same everything. I have always liked that real Deep South Blues sound so now I want to learn to play it. I got some scales to learn but can anyone offer some Artist to listen to.
ok the word is BORED not board like friggin board games

you need to set goals, put things into existence. look at the end result of what you want to accomplish and then think backwards from it to realize how to get there then work toward it. sometimes writing things in a calender helps as cheesy as that sounds. if it is in writing you will have a deadline and motivation to work towards it. without a clear goal and some sort of deadline, one will always say 'maybe someday' but theyll never get around to it
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Spelling aside, I would think the learning the Blues Scales would be a logical place to start.

"The learn the blues"? . . . . . . . grammar aside . . . . .
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