One of my buddies is a TBS freak...and he is wanting to get a Marshall head like Fred Mascherino uses, but the only problem is none of the pictures i could find for him were close enough to tell...he thinks its a JCM 2000 but im not so sure...does anybody know for sure what head this is??? thanks for your help!
I think Fred has a TSL, but they're kinda crappy. I recommend DSL or wait for the JVM.
well after i posted this the guy emailed me and said he found out it was a JCM 800 but i dont think hes gonna get one because theyre only one channel so....i dont know about him lol
dont be put off by one channel! i've got a single channel JCM900.. the vintage marshall heads have awesome dirty tones. if you want clean, get an EQ pedal, and use it on the way in to weaken you signal... effectively acting as a gain control.