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Let's give our congratulations to the season two winner here at S+L:

(Drumroll Please)

The Hurt Within

I'm sure you'll all agree he has been one of the finest writers on these boards (Since I've been here at least) and that he has deserved every vote on every poll this season!

The season 2 league table ended up as this:

Official S&L Points League Table:

The Top Tier:

+25 The Hurt Within
+15 #1synth
+11 Alk 3 addict
+10 Phoebus
+8 LOOKtheskyfell!
+7 Circular. Parade
+6 Something_Vague
+6 s0nofabe4ch

+5 caz_guitar_dude
+4 DanteR*
+4 punchapatatigge
+4 Trigfunction
+4 Grovermans
+3 dookie_dude_
+3 AWA
+3 *Truly Ninja*
+2 Jammydude44
+2 stratkat
+1 Dæmönika
+1 streetcarp19

The Lower Tier:

0 SilenceEvolves
-1 pinktuxdude
-1 Zardik
-1 abishek21
-1 paperhearts
-1 scousertommy
-1 Retribution
-1 ns9977a
-1 Adam_Harrison9
-1 Wahrheit Lied
-1 falloutboy
-1 Made of Metal
-2 Jskinnirvana
-2 Miss_muso~
-2 mooooooooooooo
-2 instrumental
-2 DigUpHerBones
-5 Quick_Axe_Player
-7 Fate_Of_Mind
-9 frd_marshall

Look where YOU came, and do better next time!

Now, with The Hurt Within hitting that magic 25 point mark, this triggers- The Grand Championship.

The top eight placed competitors this season shall go into this elitists final to work out the Season 2 Grand Champion. Here are those eight contenders:

+25 The Hurt Within (1)
+15 #1synth
+11 Alk 3 addict
+10 Phoebus
+8 LOOKtheskyfell!
+7 Circular. Parade
+6 Something_Vague (1)
+6 s0nofabe4ch

*(1) Indicates I have recieved first round piece.

These four I shall draw into 2 groups of four- each person playing 3 matches, one against each of the others in their group, with the same piece in each match-up. The polls for these will be short, 2 day ones, so be aware to vote quickly!

The top 2 of each group shall then proceed to the semi-finals, keeping the same piece- the winners of the semis, obviously, go into the Grand Championship Final. Once more, the same piece will be entered. The winner will become Season 2 Grand Champion!

Please see this thread for all competition updates.

I shall go ahead and PM those top 8 for pieces and comp info as needed.

This trigger of the Grand Championship means all comp points and 1vs1 currently going on will counts towards season 3- and no more comps to be started, please, untill the Grand Champ finishes.

This will help clear the contests forum also, and avoid it getting cluttered.

Please, once more, give it up for The Hurt Within! And check here for Grand Comp updates, matchups and league tables.



(Bracketed numbers indicate place in Season 2 Table)
Win gets 3 points, draw gets 1, a loss gets 0.

Group A

(Member) (Rank) (Pld) (W) (D) (L) (Pts)
The Hurt Within (1)
Alk 3 Addict (3)
LOOKtheskyfell! (5)
Something_Vague (7)


The Hurt Within (1) Vs Alk 3 Addict (3)
LOOKtheskyfell! (5) Vs Something_Vague (7)
The Hurt Within (1) Vs LOOKtheskyfell! (5)
Alk 3 Addict (3) Vs Something_Vague (7)
The Hurt Within (1) Vs Something_Vague (7)
Alk 3 Addict (3) Vs LOOKtheskyfell! (5)

Group B

(Member) (Rank) (Pld) (W) (D) (L) (Pts)
#1synth (2)
Phoebus (4)
Circular. Parade (6)
s0nofabe4ch (8)


#1synth (2) Vs Circular. Parade (6)
Phoebus (4) Vs s0nofabe4ch (8)
#1synth (2) Vs s0nofabe4ch (8)
Phoebus (4) Vs Circular. Parade (6)
#1synth (2) Vs Phoebus (4)
Circular. Parade (6) Vs s0nofabe4ch (8)

Polls for Group Matches will last for 2 days- if you feel it needs to be longer, tough, it will take ages and I dont want it to. Later rounds will be far longer.



PMs have been sent to all, bar #1synth who I posted it into his latest thread . s0nofabe4ch and LOOKtheskyfell!, if you can get them tell them I want pieces for this soon or I'll have to bring in subs for them.

And 1vs1s can still continue, points just will not be recorded.

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Well this puts my comps on hold. After this is over I'll (hopefully) be able to set-up the N. America vs Europe comp, then the other comp I had planned.

Edit: Also this kinda annoys me, if the conversation comp and the xtreme photo comp were set up, and even if I got last in both, I'd be in the top 8
Oh well next season.
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I have 2 out of 8 pieces

And everyone, please vote in each mathcup, they will be short polls so this doesn't drag on, so keep an eye out over herein the contests forum

Wow.. more response to this?

2/8 pieces still.

Please try and be quick.

And come on, someone show some congratulations to Steve
Congratulations on being the first to reach 25 Steve.

And a big thank you to you Jammy for putting in time to help run and promote the S&L comp forum

I would like to see the championship taken very seriously, because if people don't then it won't be as fun.
Can I possibly forfeit my spot? I've got more important problems in my life, and I really don't think I can write a good piece.
Quote by Cal UK
Alk hit the nail on the head there.
^ Ok. I really don't think any of my pieces are good enough, but oh well...
Quote by Cal UK
Alk hit the nail on the head there.
Like I said, no trouble to write a new piece, I mean- it's only an internet competition, you know. Just a really important one

Any piece will do
In all honesty, despite the fact I won on the points, I'm beginning to feel like this championship is detracting from the points winner. And that any victor in this will overshadow the actual winner. I dont personally care, I have some issues with the Comp forum as it is right now, and couldn't care either way. But on reflection I think its far too elitist to stop others staring comps while we organise this. If I were to ask for anything it would be for a new season to begin with a series of new comps. say 4 to kick things off and just have a brand new season begin. But thats just me.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Steve's got a point, cause the people that weren't all hung up on points and just do the comps for fun are kind of being tossed aside, and expected to vote in a comp to has the same old people, with the same old songs, and more than likely will yield the same results.

Sorry if I sound like a party pooper, but this thread certainly does bring the word 'elitist' to least let us 'lesser' writers be able to have comps of our own.
To be honest I'd rather Jamie just get season III up and running, theres some decent ideas in the suggestion thread and I think it'd be a waste not to have them running now. So is this dead? Just mark up the future winners in the same way as WOTM and we can forget it all and move on to the next season.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Is this being discussed in a certain other thread because I feel like I lost the train of thoughts of Steve, BJ.

Yes it is elitist, and I am most likely against it, but why wait until everything is underway to suggest canceling it? A point system in itself is elitist, and so is WOTM. I know that people in the "playoffs" aren't the most talented on these boards (ie : me) but if I remember well the main point of this whole championship thing was to encourage people to get involved in the comp forum.

If the problem is that this grand championship thing stops everything else then either

1) set a due date to jammy and the writers so they dont take 28747362023 other days to get this started
2) Let the other comps run and sticky the polls for the GC
3) just "publicize" the GC so people don't forget to vote and give this the attention that jammy wants it to have. (a way to do that could be sigs or a sticky in the main forum).

If all those sticky things are too complicated/ seem elitist then nevermind. Honestly I would have suggested the very same ideas if I wouldn't be in that poll. I can even give away my spot to someone that wants it, if anybody wants it bad.

anyways, yeah
i know very few writers who worked their way up by beating newbs in 1v1s. i got 4th, barely did any 1v1s at all, and entered like 3 comps. very few people that are in the final don't legitimately deserve to be there
Quote by circular.parade
but if I remember well the main point of this whole championship thing was to encourage people to get involved in the comp forum.

Thats was my only goal.

Like everything Steve, if it's your call. I'll start up S3 if you want I'll run around to get pieces and have the polls stickied, whatever, you're the boss.

But I want their to be a knockaroun dof ideas on the board before I start S3, cos like ppl have said playing noobs for easy points. I want people here to sound out ideas of their own so we can have a proper contests forum.

Your call
In fact Steve after reading comments elswhere I'll just close this down.

Give me a few days and S3 will be up and running.

Sorry to anyone who wanted to take part in this, if there was anyone...
Oh bugger it - i was so close to the top 8. Ah well, wouldn't have done very well in it anyway.
Quote by Jammydude44
In fact Steve after reading comments elswhere I'll just close this down.

Give me a few days and S3 will be up and running.

Sorry to anyone who wanted to take part in this, if there was anyone...

Reading what, where.

It's your decision, but I want reasons.
after a season, there is always the playoffs, in any sport.

to not do this would be shitting on the season completely.

the whole point of a season is to declare a grand champion, just because Steve had the most points, just means he is top tier, number 1 seed.

it's ****ing dumb to not do this. after all.

i invented this shit.
^ playoffs...American, enough said.

I dont see it as shitting on the season, the point of any league is to find the winner, thats been done move on. The point is to win the comps to get the points, no one challenged me for my points, I accepted random shout-outs. Its more about the build up than the finale.

The contests was around way before you matty boy. Don't forget that.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
no, but let's not forget I invented the current form of points, I invented this entire way of doing things, I thought of the idea of Grand Championship, I hate to take all the credit, because all has been done since then, but the whole point of the season, is to make it into the Championship, and the whole point of that is to be crowned such.

Just because you've accumulated 25 points doesn't mean that you are the champion. If this thing goes under. I will personally re-do the entire format of the season as to make it more logical to hold a championship.
Quote by The Hurt Within

I dont see it as shitting on the season, the point of any league is to find the winner, thats been done move on.

It was specified at the very beginning that 25 points were to trigger the grand championship. I think that's what Matt argues over. That's how it should have been.

To me, this debate now just seems like Matt thinks he has a shot at winning and so he wants the 'playoff' to take place. And since you won you're like 'let's move on'.

That doesn't resemble you steve, but that's just how it seems. was specified since the very beginning of the seasons that "playoffs"(like you dislike them to be called), were to take place. I just don't get the point of shutting them down now.

Even though I don't think Matt argues over for the good reasons, he's kinda right.

Edit : I find the idea of a championship stupid and pointless. As is writing a piece just so we have a shot at winning. It's different with comps because most of them are style-related and force you to expand your writing range. However, even though I'm against the idea of a grand S+L master kind of thing, that's how it was supposed to work.
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I dont give a shit Matt, to be honest with you. It matters not. If I remember rightly you abandoned your system a long time ago.

Mathieu I know how it sounds but I couldn't care less about having my name written anywhere as the winner, I've already submitted my piece for the GC anyway. But my reasons now for putting this on the chopping block is cause I see it as elitist and segregational. If I hadn't have persuaded you to Matt, you wouldn't even be in the playoffs, and thus wouldn't have given a flying **** about them. Theres no reward for winning this playoff, theres little recognition and to be honest very few not involved will care, this is what I'm concerned over, yeah for us in the comp its great, but for those not, they are just gonna ignore the contests until its over. Its not like its formed on the basis of the whole community as the regular points/comps are.

Its taking away from everything I fought for with the contests. And the reason its so late, cause I payed little attention to it, but now that the thread is up, its prompted me to look at how it effects the forum.

If the general concensus is for this to go ahead, then do so.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Bah, everyone thinks I'm such a selfish prick. **** everyone. I was gun-ho about this, because it might have been a slight deviation from the usual monotonous comp set-up.

The season means nothing, the whole idea of points mean nothing if there isn't an incentive to get them. Comprende?

Go ahead and start the next season I really don't care, either or. I'm done ****ing away the small part of my life that is slightly dedicated to this shit. If you honestly care about elitism and all that shit on a ****ing forum, then you need to spend some time away, and formulate a life that doesn't revolve around this shit.

God damn, you guys always find a way to shit on things. Maybe I should just open my mouth so the shit can drop directly into it.
To be honest with you, if you all or only some of you want to showboat yourselves and go all "look at me" i couldn't care less. I mean, i don't do much in here because quite frankly, i can't be arsed anymore. Yeah, it's pretty fun, but let's face it lads, that's why half of the people don't participate - hell, i'm finiding it difficult to even write anything at the moment.

So i reckon that it should go ahead anyway, and i think others will agree with me. However, i completely understand the direction your coming from Steve, i just don't think it will have quite such a significant impact.

But i'm missing the most obvious point here:
Why all the bloody fuss? What will this bring you? Honour? Fame? Glory? None of these, so come on - play nice and stop arguing about it. Just have a vote or something.
Fair enough, have the Championship run as stated. But get the bloody pieces in, you're using old ones, it shouldn't take this long...those that dont submit gift the other person the points in any match up without a piece to face.

But SIII also begins as soon as the few little tweaks are sorted out. So that those not involved can have something to compete in too...

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Woah. Like, woah.

I'll run it if I have pieces. I have... 3.

Steve I do think we need something at the end of a season. Top 4/8 compete or something.

Something_Vague, I can't count how many times it's been said you've offically left UG. Me and Steve can handle the comp forum fine, this season been a good one and succesful.

If I have the pieces, I'll run this, but differently. I'll just do it normal comp style, to save time.

SIII will be up very shortly.
Bleh, Steve, decide if this goes ahead or not. I have 4 pieces I think, tops.

SIII is up and running, people.

And the top tier will be invited to send pieces for a Grand Championship, once 30pts have been reached. I think that's fair and fun
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