Hey guys. I got a Yamaha Tele knock-off. Its dual humbucker and has an alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard. It has a bridge that sorta looks like this

I'm really into death metal, shred, and thrash. I'm looking for a a good pup combo that will sound good in a solid-state amp as I currently can't afford a tube amp. The pups need to sound balanced in my alder body guitar and not make it super bright. I suppose I need somewith with some bass to counteract the natural brightness of the alder. I like sorta toned down mids.. not necessarily completely gone though which seems to be a fad heheh.

I usually play exclusively with my bridge pickup. I admit that I'm more of a rythym player than leads but I'm working on that. I want something that will be nice for chunky rythms and clear cutting riffs in the bridge and nice piercing solos when i switch to the neck.

I should probably mention that I am rarely in standard E tuning. Lately I've been in C standard so a pup that will retain clarity when down-tuned is a must.

Any help and suggestions are appreciated. thanks guys!
You don't really want a pickup that's particularly scooped or has too limited a frequency response - it's easy to control frequencies that your pickups produce if you don't want them, but it's impossible to boost them if they aren't there in the first place. The Dimarzio Breed will warm things up nicely in the bridge, however it's a very rounded sound and possibly a bit too warm and midrangey for you for you...doubly so for the neck, although it's nothing you won't be able to sort out with an EQ pedal, and you have do have an alder body so things should balance out. The pickup Dimarzio recommend for drop tunings is the D-Sonic ,again it's got good bass and midrange response and isn't treble heavy - quite a modern tone too...again the Breed is a good match in the neck.

If you want to boost output and give yourself a beefier tone in the bridge then a Duncan Custom Custom will also do the job, and if you want a neck pickup with a bit of bite to it go for a Pearly Gates.
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I also should have mentioned its a bolt-on neck and the strings go through the body, like through the bridge. Which I guess is typical tele style lol. but yea figured id mention it. Also, thanks to the guy for the pup advice. The Duncan Custom Custom sounds like it has too much of a vintage tone which worries me.