im thinkin of customizing my guitar and im gonna go with snow camo but dont know how i would do it can any one help me puhlease.
Paint it white then mask what you don't want to be black and spray it black. Finish it all up with a good clear. I think....
basicaly what he said, all white. mark off the bits you want to be black. etc etc etc

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I've thought about this before. I think it would look awesome but I decided to go with something else. I'm getting bored with that one though, mostly because I did a horrible job. First off, sand it until it's a really dull color (get rid of all the orange peel). If you're not sure when to stop, you can go to bare wood if you want, but you'll have to prime and seal it then. Then, just paint it all white, mark off the areas you want grey, then mark those areas off (leaving the white on) and paint black. Let dry for a while and take the tape off. Let it dry for a day or so and then you can sand it lightly with a medium/fine grit paper just a bit. Clean all the dust off and spray a few nice coats of lacquer on. I put on 4 double-coats (spray lightly, wait a few mins, spray again lightly) then let it dry overnight. Sanded with 400 grit paper lightly and cleaned and sprayed 4 more double-coats. Then let it dry for a week. I then sanded with 400 grit, then wetsanded with 1200. After that, I got a fine rubbing compound and buffing cloth and buffed the crap out of it.
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You should try and do a CADPAT camo print, that would be very cool.

I might do a desert DPM material finish on a cheapo guitar in the near future, could be good for a laugh
Canadian digital camoflague, sometimes called nintendo cam. Looks damn cool though

wooo, for snow camo, use some grey in it as well, white grey, and black, but tape it off, mask the shapes out and spray it up, good luck,

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