Hi all, just need some crit on a song im working on, its incomplete as of now but i'd like to know what you all think of it so far

C4C, cheers for any comments
It's alright, I agree with Jeff that it does need some work. I know you said it's incomplete, and that's cool, but it seems kinda repetitive too. And the drums get a little old after a while.
cheers for the comments

what is it exactly that needs work, the riffs?
the trouble with the drums is im not really a drummer so theyre more kind of guidelines for our drummer to expand upon
ok positive first: I really liked the intro riff, simple but very effective IMO. The interlude is also very nice.
negative: the verse riff sounds a bit random and wierd, just doesn't flow at all. The drums were also a bit random and in some places just out of time.
The chorus was alright still a bit oddly timed but it's a good riff.
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Intro 1 was good, but for intro 2 the drums weren't very good. I have the same problem as you in that I cant play drums, so my drums are always bad, but they will need working on. The little lead bit for intro 3 is good, and hopefully you can get a good solo in after it, as that could make it really good. The pre-verse is good, and the drums work there, up until the blastbeats, but that may be poor quality GP sound. The interlude section is good, but maybe get the guitars harmonising more, as it works very well when they harmonise. Your second interlude is even better, especially bars 50 and 52. The little solo after that is nice, but at the minute seems a bit pointless? It doesn't seem to be doing anything right now. The chorus riff on its own is pretty average, but I can picture that with some good vocals that will work really well, so make sure the chorus vocals are very good. With some good vocals the whole song could turn out well, but it needs some bass, and your drummer will need to look at the drums.

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The intro was great, but the first bar rhythms of the repeated two bar motif sounded awkward.