I have a Jackson JS30KE Kelly and a Roland Cube 30. Suffice to say... This setup, while looking awesome, does not have enough balls.

I'm looking at getting a distortion pedal for some more oomph. I'm in South Africa (so prices are wacky) but let's say my budget does not comfortably exceed $150 USD.

I was looking at something from BOSS - maybe the MD-2.

Any recommendations? I'm looking for a heavy, crunchy sound. Think Metallica, Slayer, Pantera... Lots of distortion for a down-tuned guitar.
Jackson JS30KE
Roland Cube 30
Line 6 Uber Metal is better than the Boss metal pedal and that crappy new metalcore pedal.
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Metal Muff maybe?

Anyway you can try some out?
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yeah the metal muff has the balls of steel. with leeches attached. like in jackass 2.
but yeah its bastard big.
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Save up money and buy a good tube amp. Really nice sounding distortion comes from your amp.

WTF!? lol.. so instead of spending £40 or $75 on a peddal. you would rather have him spend anywhere from £2000 or $4000 upwards?

Seriously... lol

Also, i have a death metal peddal and their fun but also do check out metal muff and that line 6 uber metal sounds interesting, im gona look into that. OH Also line 6's PODs are fantastic.
only thing line 6 has thats good right now is the pod's or those spider iii's they actualyl look REALLY GOOD... umm metal muffs are good... and so are metalzones... oh... also... b-52's are FANTASTIC tube amps... great tone for metal or whatever you wanna play... fantastic all over
uber metal pedal is good. same for the PODs,but they are out of your price ranged a little
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I wouldn't get an MD2 for pantera.

^^^ £2000 is a bit over the top, you can get a pretty good high gain tube amp from about £400-£500, but yeah, I agree.

How much cash do you have for the pedal? Something like an HBE full metal jacket might be worth a try. it should be around £130, I'd have thought (no idea what that is in Rand, sorry).
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