does any one know where i could buy a guitar neck i live in ireland so any british sites that sell them and deliver to ireland.i dont want to buy off ebay and also is it just a simple matter of unscrewing the neck and then screwing on the new one or is there more to it any help would be very much appreciated
well youd need to set up the guitar strings so you ahve the full force on the neck [like 100pounds of force] and then get the truss rod adjusted so its right and just to like wear it in i guess
what kind of guitar is it? and yes, you just have to screw the old one off and put the new one on, depending.

again: what brand guitar?
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Carvin is an american based company. And honestly I think it woudl be best to order from the carvin website. They have impeccable quality control. I'm sure if you emailed them you coudl get soemthign figured out. But importing taxes will be a lot I'm sure of it. Since They will have to send the package abotu half the world Carvin is based in California