OK, two covers: About A Girl (Nirvana) and You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (Beatles). These are the first two recordings I have made and I'm still figuring it all out. I'm not a particularly good singer, definitely hit some wrong notes on vocals. I think my voice sounds like Jerry Cantrell's (Alice In Chains). Also, the acoustic guitar on the Beatles cover was recorded through a cheap dynamic mic, and I think that brings the quality of the whole recording down.

Anyway, your crits are appreciated, especially if you can offer tips on how to improve.


About A Girl: Recording quality was good, sounded solid. You were right about some of the sour notes, but whatever, I hit 'em all the time! It's nothing to worry about cause they go in time (I hope)

You've Got to Hide You Love Away: Good playing, but IMO I don't think you're voice fit the song to well, you might want to think of trying something different when playing it. Just a thought, the vocals on this track were more solid than on About A Girl IMO.

Also, the mic CAN bring the quality down, but with time, you can make it work. I do all of my recording in my res room at university (yay, teacher school!) and I use my laptop and a computer mic I got for $10. I can get them sounding OK, I think I need more work than the recording, haha.

In the sig if you;re interested, I have a Beatles cover there as well.
That's actually pretty damn good for a first attempt (I only listened to Hid Your Love Away so I don't know what the Nirvana one sounds like). You're probably gonna hate me for saying this but more practice, better equipment, and maybe a book on audio production is gonna be what you're looking at. Try picking up a copy of something like an Adobe Audition tutorial guide at the book store, maybe just read up on onliine guides for some of the free audio programs on the web.