I found the first four lines of this written in a toilet in my university library and for no appartent reason decided to turn it into a funny sonnet enjoy!

Sometimes I come here to sit and think
Sometimes I come here to shit and stink
Sometimes I come here to scratch my balls
And read the writing on the walls

Sometimes I come here to stand and pee
Other times I will sit down to wee
Sometimes I will forget to flush
This can make my flatmates blush

Sometimes I come here to tug my todger
Unfortunately this causes rather a bother
Sometimes I come here to sit and toke
But this can make me a dozy bloke

But please remember whatever you here for
Just remember to LOCK THE BLOODY DOOR!!!
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Nice, although the last little bit doesn't quite rhyme or flow right.

EDIT: That flows better.
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Funny. YOu could make that a little three chord pop punk song and sell millions of records.

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