so i was thinking of building either the little gem or ruby, but on the site runoffgroove.com... it doesnt have to volume pot value for the ruby and the other thing is the perfboard layout is different than the picture right below it... any help from sumone who has built it??

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The layout and the picture are almost the same. It doesn't matter how you lay it out anyways, as long as it all connects properly.

Pot values in the schem.
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ok, well i think i am going to build the little gem instead, but the only elec. store near me doesnt sell the 386 chip .... but heres a link to some other stuff

could i use any of these instead? sry, total elec. noob :P
ok, so i orderd the stuff from small bear, i got 4 386's, i figured my as well, they are 80 cents :P but ive been reading some stuff about how the gem isnt as good as the ruby, the ruby is actaually a lot more refined... but whats that thing that says "G S D" in the layout
sry... like i said, dont konw much
i suggest you do some reading up:


has some description of common guitar parts

EDIT go to tech page on the navigation and read the pdfs
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G is ground, S is signal...I haven't a clue what D stands for, but it's coming off the positive lead of the 9v battery supply so I'm assuming it's power.
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G, S, and D are the pins on a transistor. Gate, source and drain.
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