someone complained the video was way too bad

this one is bad as well, but not as bad, u can certainly hear the guitar better, but unfortunately i cant kill the bad sound of the camera, still might not wanna turn it up TOO LOUD THOUGH, all though it sounds nice when i start playing over here

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couldnt listen to the whole thing, the sound quality was soooo bad, but your playing sounded good from what i heard
sorry, didnt realize, uploading a better quality one now
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not bad, but work on making your lead playing smoother. This solo is supposed to absolutely ooze emotion, which takes a lot of practice.
This solo is fairly easy. After you hit the first F#, bend it up before you pick it. Then pick it, and slowly let the bend back down. Stays truer to the song that way.

Also, use a tuner and tune up- especially if you're going to be playing with a recording.
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Wow alot of your bends were out of tune.

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