ok when i run my digitech death metal pedal from my amp(which is fender fm 212r) to my original cry baby wah it sounds HORRIBLE!! i reranged the line up(ran my wah pedal 2 my distorion and all the great stuff) and it still sux..if i use ANY distortion @ it it makes me wanna gauge my eyes out its so bad lol..plz somebody help me b4 i break the pedal over my face
umm...seems like it could be your wah pedal...
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Yeah, by adding the wah to your effects loop, you get a different tone. Just fiddle with the dials on your dist. pedal until you get your sound again. I find it easier to work with when you have the wah plugged into the amp and the dist. connected to the wah. (So that your guitar plugs into the dist. pedal.)
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thnx 4 the help im gettin off here and tryin it right now..o and metalmilisha212..i plan on upgradin the pedal real soon i just needed somethin 2 get by with till i culd ge tthe mony
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take the shitty Death Metal pedal out and get something good?

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