These guys are really good. This is my friends older brothers band.
Check these guys out and if you have a myspace download there stuff. They're goiung to get signed when they right 50 songs that was the deal they had with the recording company. So enjoy them!!!!!
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Not too bad. Their song "Streetlights" is pretty good.
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bubbaearl...Man that is...THE SICKEST NAME EVER!!!

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bubbaearl... apparently it's the sickest name ever

Are you over 30?
Probably not, but if you are, click HERE.
not really my thing but its a change from all the badly recorded hardcore bands which always seem to post their stuff on here.
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why the **** does nobody lock this. I promoted my friend who's amazing but just cause it wasn't me i got banned. Isn't this to get music out there that should heard? All the mod's on hear have lost the meaning of this place and let power take them over.

take it easy.

it doesn't matter how amazing or how terrible your friends' band is, you're not allowed to promote other bands. it has nothing to do with power, it has everything to do with following the rules.
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This is a guitar community not Romper Room.