Glass empire By: Justin Allen

Hearts are glass
Fragile to the touch
So lets build it up
And when were through
We’ll destroy all that we desire.

We’ll build an empire
Till we rule the world
Step by step, brick by brick
We’ll build this world
Just the way we want
Build a wall, for a price

(chorus)hearts will clash,
fire will spark creating
the life, we hate to.
Hearts of glass, hearts are glass
Easily break.
This empire of glass
Keep it together, just the best we can
Drown our feelings tonight
Smash the glass
Hearts of glass, hearts are glass.
Hearts of glass, hearts are glass.

Watch your step
We’re walking on crushed glass

(mono-tone)Danger: do not cross.
Thin ice ahead.

But we’ll pull through
We always do.
One little crack
Fills the glass.
Shattering our lives
Pierce the wounds


lets build an empire
empire of glass

so tell me waht u think!
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