Yea yea yea, typical rock image.

I usually mic only 1, so i got a good PA system, now i gotta look impressive

Where can i get amazingly cheap cabs or replicas?
Build a bunch of wooden boxes and then buy a ton of Marshall logo's off of eBay?
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ive never seen an actual fake cab, usually when rock stars use "fake cabs" they are real vabs that either just arent hooked up or have the speakers removed.
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I've seen some fake Marshall stacks that they normally use at shows etc, that are only about half as deep as normal ones. Maybe if you called Marshall up they could sort you out with something, I know alot magazines often use them in photoshoots...

Otherwise, as Kid Thorazine says, I think professionals just use standard cabs minus the speakers.
Go paint a cardboard box. It's convincing at a distance in the dark.
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