Hello. I am trying to get a program on computer where I can make drum beats. My friend has beatcraft which I really like, but I don't have any money to buy a program. Can someone reccomend a program where you can say like bass drum on 1st and 3rd beats, snare on 2 and 4 with 8th hi-hats running through? Thank you for your help. And also, I use audacity so I would like the drumbeat to be able to be imported into an audio track in audacity. Thanks. Bye.
Any MIDI sequencer will do. It will use the sounds of your soundcard, which probably sucks since you don't want to spend money on anything. Then you'll have to record the MIDI sound as a wave using your volume control panel. Then you can import it into your freebie audacity. If you decide later you don't like certain parts of the drums or something doesn't sound right, then you get to do it all over again - starting with the MIDI tracking.

Or, you can spend a few bucks and get an actual audio sequencer that will use the sounds of software synths - which sound much better since it doesn't use your soundcard's MIDI. It will be MIDI but you won't need to import anything as it's incorporated with the audio tracks. You can change, edit, do whatever you want without having to redo everything. Much easier. But go ahead, download half a dozen free programs and fight with them to get your sound.
i use fruity loops and acoustica beatcraft. not free though

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The only thing I need is basically like beatcraft except free. Fruity Loops looks pretty cool, but I already use audacity, and I just want something where I can import a drumbeat into audacity that I made on another program. Thanks for the help.
Hydrogen or Hotstepper are two free apps that you program using a matrix layout that's fairly intuitive. Check them out.
I miss beatcraft, I tried the 7 day demo thing and I was really bummed when it expired. I'm trying out leafdrums right now but It doesn't seem to be as intuitive as beatcraft and it doesn't sound as nice either. Its another option to look at though. As a temporary solution you could download the beatcraft demo http://www.acoustica.com/beatcraft/ and make as many tracks as you can in the 7 day period and then export all of them and save them using audacity so they don't disappear when the demo expires.
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