^^ for that part i was wondering what fingers i should use. Should i bend with my pinky and do 12(1)13(2)14(3)15(5) and bend like that OR 12(1) 14(2) 15(3)?

where 1=index 2=middle etc. etc.

Any help with this part would be great! Thanks
the 1 2 3
( 12(1) 14(2) 15(3) ) .. more strenght in bend.
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try playing it with different fingers untill u find whats most comfortable
i think it would probably be easier to do the bends with the third finger
well personally i don't like to bend with my pinky finger, so i use my ring finger, supporting it with my middle finger and keeping my index finger on the 12 fret so i can do the pull off, i fret the 14 fret note with my middle finger and it works out fine for me, but it probably work better with ur pinky if you are used to bending with ur pinky, i can use my pinky fine but i don't like bending with it, so i use my ring finger, so idk, w/e is more comfortable for you,
Much appreciated fellas, i like the 1 2 3 as well. It's comin a long quite well!