Pretty cool.

Who are biggest your influences?
"That Hidde's a cool guy" -Abe Lincoln
"Hidde? Yeah we jam all the time" -Steve Vai
"Remember that time when burt jumped out of the tree and into the river? Good times!" -Jesus

So I heard you liek profiles?
Damn, how old are you guys. You sound really good!
but I'm just basing that off of the first song, "words"

oh, didn't see the rating part. I'd give you guys a 3.8
its really good, but there's some stuff I didn't like as much.
Nice, I signed your guest book; really like the music. Is it on Limewire?
Really tough to say who collectively as we all listen to different stuff. I guess thats why the influences bit on myspace is blank. Influences for myself would include Offspring, Millencolin, A - the sort of rockier side of punk-rock and bands like the Datsuns, Wolfmother, Jet, Darkness more your straight out rock kind of bands.
It might be on limewire, if not we'll try and send it out somehow. Not sure how but somehow.