I installed a new Ibanez RG neck to my guitar and I noticed that it is loose I think!? if I press on the body of the guitar to my stomach with my right arm and pull on the neck with my left hand and pick at a string it sounds like a whammy effect is that right or should I fix it? its not really giving me problems right now but if I leave it like that will it?
yor neck canbreak off. there is not enough wood to support the neck. it is somewhat ulikely, but yu need some reinforcement for your neck
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well. all necks do that

its actually called a neck bend- and can lead to cracked necks

but under normal circumstances, the neck should not be moving, ie, while playing, or jumping around, without any lateral pressure on the neck

it just sounds like a normal neck to me- but feel free to check the screws on the back to make shure there tite
Well, its normal. All necks do that since its a large protruding peice of wood comign from a mass, theres almsot no way to regulate it from not moving. Even the eiffel tower sways back and forth.