I am deeply considering buying the Roland 20x as my first amp. It's $159. Now, the Cube 30 is $229 and I was wondering, would it be worth it to spring for the 30 or will the 20 suit me just fine. I will be mostly practicing at home with it. BTW, I'm hoping to make this the only amp I will need for at least 3-5 years. Also, if you own a cube 20 or 30 and you have a picture of it next to something common like your guitar, could you possibly post it so I can check out the size comparison. Thank you.
well...bigger the number...better the amp?...especially if it's to last you 3-5 years.

I would carry on saving for the roland 30...sounds more like it would last 3 - 5 years and seems to be more powerful and better
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