i was thinking of getting a jcm 2000 half stack but all i do is bedroom music and if i play a gig the cab will be there normally. Should i buy a combo, or a head and 2 speaker option?..Also JCM2000/Laney/Peavey..can afford Mesa Boogie
If all you're ever going to use this amp for is bedroom playing, then don't even consider getting a half-stack! Get something like a Marshall DSL401 combo. That'll be (FAR) more than enough for your needs!
i just want something that has the best tone and about £500. I only need like a small wattage but the size of some combos makes the presence pretty crap.
I hear what you're saying... but as cool as they are, having a half-stack in a bedroom is like buying a supercar, then only using it for town driving-you just won't be using it to it's potential. You'll be very disappointed to hear how fizzy and flat it will sound at low volumes.

What kind of music do you play? What guitar do you use? The more information you give us, the better the suggestions we can give you.
everythin from jazz to death metal. i play a ibanez s series, usa strat and soon to be hellraiser or 007. I use external eq because i have an old 100w valvestate combo. Just worried i dont get the presence and roar from a small combo, and also want to use it live linking up to a 4x2 cab.
Well, actually, I think I'm going to stick to my guns and say get a DSL401-they're excellent all-round amps. I think they have an external speaker out jack as well, but I wouldn't take my word for it... I think you'll find switching to a good tube amp will give you plenty of roar!

You might also want to consider a Laney combo, all though you may need an OD pedal to get extreme distortion out of them...