Well, Ive had a problem and Ive kind of ignored it for a while untill now. I have a pickup switcher on my guitar. It sounds great when it is using both the middle and the first pickup or both the middle and the last pickup. But when I play on only the middle, only the first, or only the last there is a small buzzy noise. I also have kind of a cheap amp. It was one of those $80 Peavy backstage amps I got when I first purchased this guitar. Anyways, it may be my amp becuase sometimes my pedals make that noise too when they dont on my friend's setup. Anyways, can anyone help me with a solution, point me in a right direction or whatever? If I need to buy something new I have up to $300. Thanks.
first of all, its the same on my fender strat. GET NEW PICKUPS WITH NO HUM!!
then, peavey backstage blows, geta better amp.

New dimarzio single coil pickups are:
IF ur a rocker geta chopper on bridge and other stuff. look on musiciansfriend.com for reviews and prices for pickups and amps.
Yeah, I just relized it wasnt so much the amp, but the amp does suck. Also, does it matter what pickups? I mean I know I need scilent ones or humbuckers, but do the deminsions matter or is there like a pick up standard?
All single coils do it - and to be honest it's part of the sound, when you're using the inbetween positions the middle pickup is wound in the opposite direction so some of the hum cancels out. Your first priority should be to get a new amp, as the one you have isn't much cop at all. After that, if you still don't like the sound you'd probably be better off either buying a second guitar with humbuckers or replacing the one you have, depends what it is.
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