Alright, I've recently started playing, just had kinda an odd question. Due to a basketball injury from quite a few years ago, I cannot bend the last knuckle of my left hand thumb. Like if I do a thumbs up, it just sticks straight up instead of curving back like my right hand, and I cannot touch my thumb to my pinkie knuckle where it joins the hand. Because of this, there is no way for me to hold down the fifth or sixth strings with my thumb, and I was just wondering if this will be much of a problem, or limit me at all to what I can play as I progress? If it is, I might consider switching to playing lefty. Thanks for any feedback.
ummm i dont think so, i think you would be fine but I would wait to see what othe rpeople say and not just take my word for it
ive been taught not to use my thumb

so i dont think itll be much of a problem
i hardly ever use my thumb...
my guitar teacher showed me that as a "trick" to use but almost everything that uses ur thumb to fret a string can be played normally as well, shudnt be a problem
I guess it really depends on what kind of music you play, I love using my thumb to hit 5th and 6th string notes, makes for some cool chords =p
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Sweet, sounds like it isn't anything worth changing anything about. Might have to try out bass some time too. Thanks.