Ok i have no clue what the deal is. I havn't ever had this problem before, but i have went through alot of strings. I am not overtuning, i use a tuner, even if i didn't use one, i know how to tune lol. Not stringing wrong, but in case my method is flawed here it is. I feed the string through the peg until i have just enough to go around a few times and then bend it to the right and then pull it under the string and up. Then i tighten the string and tune it up. Its always worked and ive never had any problems so i don't think its my stringing. My question is could it be 1. a problem with the guitar 2. the fact that i bend alot high on the fretboard (i sure would hope its not but idk) or 3. i use many alternate tunings so i am tuning the strings up and down alot. But i never tune high e any higher than e, and never any lower than c #. Your thoughts?
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Where abouts is it breaking?
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Dumbass that is a classical guitar, use nylon strings or the neck will crack... and not the kind you were smoking when you wrote this.
your bridge is probably a little sharp
EDIT: oh, it breaks at the headstock?? thats odd.
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im not sure how your putting your string in but this is how i do it and it works fine. wrap it around the peg three times then put it through the hole. tug on the string a little when you first put it on to work it in, and dont bend it right away. and yes going up and down tunings could make the string break over time so try a new gauge or a different brand

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yea what size strings do you use, you might want to go up one
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if its breaking near the tuning peg then maybe the string is binding in the nut.....do you hear a pop sound when you tune up or down? if so then the strings too large and your nuts too small...use a lighter gauge or a nail file to make the nut bigger
^Also line the wedge in the nut with grated graphite (You can get it from a pencil).
It acts as a lubricant,
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Ok im bumping this because it just broke again....and my title was wrong, i meant my high e string, not my low. My high e keeps breaking, and the funny thing is, is the last 2 times it did it, it broke when i was DOWNTUNING IT. I am so freakin pissed. Seeings i tune back and forth alot, should i go up a gauge or what? Im using 9's? o and its not breaking at the nut. its breaking clear up right at the tuning peg.
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rub some graphite onto the nut of the high E string. Remember to stretch in your strings thoroughly.
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