hello ppl. ive been playing for about 3 months, i don't really know. iv'e learnt a fair bit of what i would call 'tricky' shit (you probably consider it very easy), such as sweet child o' mine riff, whole song of wish you were here and highway to hell and a heap of other random songs in varios genres. the 'trickiest' things i can do are probably bohemian rhapsody solo, and stairway to heaven solo (and i don't mean i play it crappy, its my favourite song and i don't claim that i do it as perfect as Page does it, but its about 7.5 outa ten). once i managed to complete stairway without stuffing it up, i was pretty proud of myself. i never thought i could play it. well anyway, this may be all well and good, but im improving lob-sidedly. I struggle a little bit at acoustic stuff like good riddance (time of your life), and songs that don't use powercords. Jimi hendrix is my god, and i can't even attemp any of his songs. things like 'little wing' or 'hey joe' i can tell straight away that i can't play them. I struggle with some cord formations. its like im good at playing notes but not chords which pisses me off. i thought i was improving when i learnt how to do wish you were here, but when i tried to sing at the same time, my rythym went out the window. the same happens whenever i try to sing, for example smells like teen spirit i stuff up so badly when i try to sing that i actually stop playing. i don't exactly want to be a famous singer, but i would like to be able to keep a rythym while i'm singing. what can i do? i just want to play little wing then retire from guitar knowing i have reached my ultimate potential.
Playing guitar and singing at the same time is not an easy thing to do. Good multitasking required. And even if you can do it, its even harder to sound very good at both, maybe one or the other, but its hard to get that magic combo. You just simply need to practice thats all you can do.